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Angry residents say fly-tipping in Dhu Varren is getting worse

Residents of the Dhu Varren estate in Portrush are criticizing the Council & Housing Executive for failing to take any action to address fly-tipping in the estate, adjacent to the children’s play park and say that it is getting worse.

Speaking to Causeway Coast Community a resident said ‘Both the organizations have been aware of it for some time and to date have failed to take any remedial action, except to lock the park in an attempt to restrict children accessing the play park’.

The fly-tipping includes timber with nails protruding, domestic & builders waste and car parts.

A spokesperson for the Housing Executive said:

“The Housing Executive is aware of an issue with fly tipping in this area of the Dhu Varren estate, Portrush.

“We carried out a site inspection of the area yesterday (Tuesday) following discussions with the Council, and our contractor removed household rubbish from the area yesterday morning.

“We will continue to closely monitor this area and liaise with the local community to remove items as necessary.”

We contacted Causeway Coast & Glens Council yesterday for comment ( Tuesday 21st May 2019 ) however at the time of publishing, no response has been received.

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