Arrests made in ‘Road Safety Operation’


Officers made a number of arrests yesterday as part of a road safety operation.

In a social media post, a police spokesperson said “We had officers out as part of an area-wide road safety operation, checking the speed of vehicles in built up areas, dealing with drivers using their mobile phone and discussing the standard of driving with a few members of the public.

One top tip though, don’t try to swallow herbal cannabis with a dry mouth… one driver found out much to our amusement as he then had to spit it back out all over his car. That young man will be heading to court for obstructing police as well possession of a controlled drug.

Assisted by our TSG colleagues two search warrants were executed in Coleraine resulting in the recovery of a quantity of white powder and two arrests.

While on foot patrol in Portrush last night we saw a young male looking very nervous in a poorly parked car, he then tried to start the car…and failed. The young man said he was out for drive around the coast……in a residential street….8 grams of cannabis concealed in the car. Another young man heading to court.

Some of the team spent the day giving crime prevention advice to local business owners and following up with victims of crime.”

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