Barriers to success at Dunluce Castle – Norman Hillis

Barriers have been erected around the steps area leading to the area of the cave and the path adjacent to the cave at Dunluce Castle.

Speaking to Causeway Coast Community, UUP Councillor Norman Hillis said “After a visit to Dunluce Castle at Christmas I was really pleasantly surprised at the numbers of International and local visitors to the Castle at what I would have thought of as a quiet time of year.

I was more than impressed at the welcoming and knowledgeable way visitors were greeted by the reception staff. The only negative aspect of my visit was a series of ugly barriers at the castle entrance. On enquiring I have been told that there is a health and safety issue at the pathway down to the cave and work is scheduled for early 2018. I would urge the Departement to carry out this work as quickly as possible as the fencing is a considerable eyesore at this iconic site.”

A spokesperson for the Department of Communities said “I can confirm that there are works in progress at Dunluce Castle, in the area of the cave and the path adjacent to the cave. One of the final elements of the present phase of works in that area is the consolidation of the path near the cave, where there is also a run-off channel for water that percolates down the hillside at this point.

As with any works project, health and safety is of paramount importance both for our staff and the visiting public. Closing this area because of works in progress is appropriate to manage health and safety considerations.

It is not just the cave that has been closed. An area of land beside the path has also been closed to allow for the consolidation of the ground surface there and further works are planned during early 2018 at the site.”

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