Big Lunch 2017 season kicked off this weekend with hundreds of Big Lunches boostingcommunity spirit in cities, towns, villages and rural areas in every county. Coleraine Cornfield Project held its first Big Lunch undaunted by the rain on Saturday 17th of June with lots of local residents and volunteers of the project.

The Eden Project idea, funded by the National Lottery thanks to National lottery players, encourages people across the UK to slow down once a year on Big Lunch Day to celebrate community by sharing food, fun and friendship with their neighbours. The idea has really caught on across Northern Ireland with Big Lunches being planned in every city and county. Grainne McCloskey, the Big Lunch Northern Ireland manager said: “People from every neighbourhood across Northern Ireland are already getting involved. Don’t let your area be left without a party this year! All it takes is for one or two people in an area to get the ball rolling and everyone brings something to the table.”

The Big Lunch 2017 joined the Great Get Together – an event celebrating commonality inspired by former MP Jo Cox, who said that we have, “more in common than that which divides us.” Jo Cox was murdered on the 18th of June last year and her family set up The Great Get Together with the Big Lunch and other partners, to celebrate her life and all that she stood for.

Although the main date for the Big Lunch is the 18th of June this year, people can apply for and receive a free Big Lunch planning pack, thanks to National Lottery funding, and hold their Big Lunch on any date that suits their neighbourhood. Sign up for a pack at

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