Bradley Welcomes Part Time Speed Limit At Culcrow

Bradley welcomes part time speed limit at Culcrow

Next Tuesday, September 18 will see the introduction of a new reduced speed limit outside Culcrow Primary School, legislation that MLA Maurice Bradley has been lobbying for.
The DUP man has welcomed the speed reduction.

“During a constituency visit this week, I passed the school and was dellighted to see the new signage in place outside the school, warning drivers of the part time 20 limit during school drop off and pick up times.
“The safety of our children is of paramount importance,” he said.

“Additional signage to warn drivers of the new limit will be erected in the coming week, however I would take this opportunity to ask drivers using the busy stretch to reduce their speed now, before the signs go up.

“This new limit will hopefully make things safer for the pupils, teachers and parents of the school,” said Bradley.

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