Car was stolen after being left unattended with engine running to defrost windows at 6am

A Renault Clio car was stolen from outside the owner’s home in the Cushendall area at 6am on a cold frosty day last year after the vehicle was left unattended with the engine running to get it defrosted.

The vehicle ended up in the west Belfast area, Coleraine Magistrates Court heard on Monday.

David Anthony Connors (28), whose address was given as Maghaberry Prison, admitted a charge of taking the vehicle without authority.

The defendant’s DNA was found on the steering wheel and gear stick.

He denied he was in Cushendall saying he couldn’t remember his movements as he was drunk.

A defence solicitor said the defendant claimed he had found the car abandoned in Belfast and he then drove it.

Connors, who is currently serving a 30 months jail term, was given a three months sentence for the new offence and banned from driving for a year.

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