Chivers welcomes progress on Benone Vacuum Sewerage System Upgrade

Sinn Féin Mayor Brenda Chivers has welcomed Benone Vacuum Sewerage System Upgrade.

Cllr. Chivers said:

“I welcome news that work is underway on the £2.1m investment to upgrade the Benone Vacuum Sewerage System.

“The upgrade will provide a more robust sewerage network, capable of coping with the increased number of tourists to caravan parks and local amenity areas in Benone.

“Progress has also been made at Benone Tourist Complex, the cofferdam has been successfully installed to allow construction of the new wet well; an existing NIE cable has been diverted and dewatering of the ground is continuing with work at this site is on programme to be completed in March.

“When completed the project will have huge benefits to local tourism in the area.

“Residents with any queries regarding this project, are advised to contact or call 03457 440088.”

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