Community Rescue Service Announce Galgorm Spa & Golf Resort As Official Charity Partner

This evening Community Rescue Service in a statement said that they are grateful to announce a brand new charity partnership with Galgorm Spa & Golf Resort.  A spokesperson said “We are really looking forward to working alongside the staff of Galgorm with events throughout the year, and really appreciate the support to CRS.”

A spokesperson for Galgorm said ‘Galgorm Spa & Golf Resort is committed to finding ways to contribute to society and as such we are delighted to have partnered with Community Rescue Service (CRS) as an official charity partner.

As the only accredited Lowland Rescue search and rescue organisation in Northern Ireland, providing a variety of invaluable services to our community, it is with great pride that we announce this partnership that reflects our commitment to the local community.’

The Community Rescue Service (CRS) is a charitable search and rescue organisation operated by volunteers from communities across Northern Ireland.

They are the only accredited Lowland Rescue search and rescue organisation in N Ireland and hold full membership of the Association of Lowland Search and Rescue (ALSAR).

They provide all aspects of search and rescue falling under the remit of Lowland Rescue including ground, inland water, bike, boat and more.

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