Councillor Darryl Wilson contacts planning authority to seek further clarification on former Ballymoney estate agent shop frontage

In a social media post this morning councilor Darryl Wilson said ‘In recent days many of my constituents have contacted me regarding a post on social media by a local estate agent regarding shopfront signage etc.

Being fully appreciative and aware of the frustrations of the business and members of the public, I decided to contact the planning authority to get clarification on the matter.

Today I received the following response:

“In response to your query below, I can advise that planning consent was not refused for the advertisement consent nor planning permission refused for the shop front.

An application for retrospective Advertisement Consent for a sign at 32 Church Street Ballymoney was received on 11th February 2019. As the sign, as displayed on the building was contrary to the Ballymoney Conservation Area Guide and Planning Policy Statement 17: Control of Advertisements, revisions were sought to satisfy policy. However, the Agent formally withdrew the Advertisement Consent on 10th September 2019 prior to any decision having been made on the application by Council’s Planning Department. To date, Council has not received a retrospective application for the shop front at this location for determination. However, such works would require planning permission which should have been sought prior to either the erection of the advertisement or the installation of the shop front.

I attach a copy of the Ballymoney Design Guide for your information as requested and refer you in particular to pages 33-37 in relation to shop fronts and advertisements.”

Response ends.

Darryl concluded “I have attached a link to conservation guidance which all buildings/tenants/owners must adhere to.

It is deeply unfortunate that the situation could not be resolved and that we have subsequently lost a (ratepaying) business within our Town centre. It is also my understanding that the business was in contact with elected representatives regarding the issue (i was not contacted), therefore i have no knowledge as to what the outcome of this was.”

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