Councillor William McCandless Comments On The Ongoing Anti Social Behaviour In Coleraine

Commenting on the Anti-Social behaviour in Coleraine, Councillor William McCandless said ” Whilst I welcomed the post the PSNI put out yesterday that ASB is “ Raising it’s head once again in Coleraine “ I would, unfortunately, have to comment that it never went away!

The “boy racers” at Greenhall Highway, scramblers on the Crescent football pitches, telephone kiosk window smashed, bins set on fire, bins strewn across roads, damage to children’s playparks and yesterday – flowerbeds destroyed in the centre of town and the contents thrown at shop windows.

No – none of this is harmless fun or high spirits – it is ASB and it is all at the ratepayers inconvenience and expense. All of this has to be paid for!

I would appeal that if you do witness any incident, particularly in the centre of town, that you notify the PSNI and be specific with date and time of day, just maybe, they might be able to identify it on camera but I don’t hold much hope.

The surveillance cameras in Coleraine need a major update which will cost thousands.

In my opinion the best deterrent is the officer on the beat – not just as a deterrent to ASB but to be a visible presence to the public and to win their trust and respect.

Cutting budgets has not helped the PSNI to do their job, the majority of people tell me what they want to see is the officer on the beat.”

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  • William mc candles I wrote a comment on the psni north coast site saying the same thing and the wipes took it down can’t take the truth.

  • Police on the “beat” a thing of the past once the community got rid of RUC under Patten and good Friday Agreement and the budget restricted PSNI came into being

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