Inquest into death of Brian McIlhagga to take place in May

An inquest into the death of 42-year-old Ballymena man Brian McIlhagga will be held in May, a coroner has said.

Mr McIlhagga was visiting a friend in Riverview Park on January 5, 2015 when a number of masked men entered the house, brutally assaulted Brian and took him out through the front door where he was then shot once in the leg.

Tragically, Mr McIlhagga died at the scene as a result of the injuries inflicted during the attack, which occurred when four young children under the age of 13 were in the house.

A number of arrests have been made in the investigation but no one has been charged.

A brief preliminary hearing of the inquest was held in Belfast today before Coroner Suzanne Anderson.

She said: “I would really like to get this listed next term.”

The inquest is due to be scheduled for May 27 at a courtroom as close as possible to the dead man’s family, who are expected to attend along with a pathologist and police, coroner’s barrister Philip Henry said.

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