Don’t Pay Your Bail – You Are Going To Jail

A number of dodgy characters found themselves on the wrong side of the law on Saturday morning at Coleraine police station.

Their ‘crime’ was agreeing to help Coleraine’s Caring Caretaker David Boyle MBE raise money for his five chosen charities by taking part in a Jail and Bail event.

The charities are :

Prostate Cancer UK
Cancer Research UK
Community Rescue Service Coleraine
The Samaritans Coleraine
Age Concern Coleraine

The characters that were arrested on Saturday morning were : Ross Adams, Zoe Davies, Alex Brown, Niki Okane, Conor Pollock, David Linton, John Humphreys, Ella O’Reilly, Geoff Hagan, Sean Forrest.

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