Local luxury handbag brand taylor yates ‘Supports a Sister’ with its beautiful purpose

Fifty women from businesses across Northern Ireland attended an exclusive lunch event at The Ivory in support of Women for Women International.
Launching this time last year, local luxury handbag brand taylor yates has been busy creating accessories for women around the world. Based in Portstewart, Karen Yates and her daughter Ellen set out to create a business that wouldn’t just make a difference to those who purchased a bag but would also be able to empower and improve lives of women around the world too. Now it has revealed its ‘beautiful purpose’ behind the business.

Speaking at the event, founder Karen commented;

“Our purpose is to grow a profitable, sustainable business that exists to delight our customers and give the freedom of choice that we enjoy to mothers and daughters around the world.
We are delighted to announce that we are supporting Women for Women International who empower women to reach their full potential. Since 1993, Women for Women International has been helping women survivors of war from around the world rebuild their lives and choose their own futures in a range of different ways that starts with learning a marketable job skill. It is a cause that we are truly passionate about and we know our customers will be proud to support with us.”
Proceeds from the event will go towards the Women for Women International #SupportaSister campaign, which sponsors a woman survivor of war from around the world. Sponsoring a sister through the 12-month programme allows her to take charge of her future, learning about 4 key modules; her health, rights, skills and potential support networks.
A graduate of the Sponsor a Sister programme in Rowanda, Grace, talks about her personal experience after her husband died leaving her and their five children with nothing;
“I was alone and had to take care of the children who were all very young at the time. I couldn’t imagine them growing without their father around. He was the one who provided for them – school materials, food …

Women for Women International came and took me out of my loneliness. They taught me how to save, to manage the household … After I joined, my life got back on track. I even bought some small livestock and put my kids through school.”

Grace refers to her sister as a “gift from god”. As she reflects on her old life she is in awe of what her sponsor, a person who has never even met her, has done for her.
For more information about taylor yates and their beautiful purpose please visit tayloryates.com.

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