Man admits fraud by false representation regarding Henry Hoover

A man who took a barcode from another item and placed it on a Henry Hoover at Tesco in Coleraine was caught on CCTV.

Glen George McAlister (27), of Princes Crescent in Newtownabbey, was detected on January 21 this year.

At Coleraine Magistrates Court on February 11 he pleaded guilty to a charge of fraud by false representation by changing a barcode label with the intention of making a gain for himself.

McAlister and a co-accused were spotted on CCTV by security officers.

Defence solicitor Derwin Harvey said it was a “foolish” idea.

He said McAlister had travelled to Coleraine to visit his child and after a hoover broke the barcode plan was hatched when it was noticed the Henry Hoover in Tesco did not have a price on it.

The defendant was fined £150.

District Judge Peter King said McAlister was also going to get caught.

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