Man Held Knife To Neighbour’s Throat At Housing Complex Because Victim Refused To Reveal A Wi-fi Password

Coleraine Courthouse

A man who punched a neighbour in the face and held a knife to his throat because he refused to reveal a wi-fi password was sentenced to an eight months jail term, suspended for a year, at Coleraine Magistrates Court on Monday.

The internet incident happened at 2am on Saturday September 9 last year at the Weavers Court housing complex in Coleraine.

Jason Devenney (29), formerly of Weavers Court in Coleraine but whose address is now listed as Manorwood in Londonderry, had previously admitted assaulting the neighbour and causing criminal damage to an internet router and radiator.

A prosecutor said the man said he was punched in the face and had a knife held to his throat after he had refused to disclose his wi-fi password to Devenney and that the router and a radiator were damaged during an altercation.

The injured man needed medical treatment.

Police arrived and found Devenney, who had a record, had a knife in his pocket. He told officers he had it for his own protection because he was “under threat”.

Defence barrister Nicola Rountree said Devenney had alcohol and mental health issues and as a result of drug issues had self-referred to addiction services.

On the date in question she said the defendant was “highly intoxicated”.

She said although there was a dispute about who started the fight Devenney had accepted his culpability.

Deputy District Judge Laura Ievers said it was a “serious incident” but it was heartening that the defendant had not committed further offences.

She also ordered Devenney to pay £200 compensation.

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