McShane, Clarke and Watton battle it out on Nolan Show

Watton, Clarke, McShane
Watton, Clarke, McShane

Three Causeway Coast & Glens Councillors battled it out on the Nolan Show this morning after council voted to approve funding to build a new community centre in Glenariff.

Funding for the project was approved by Council earlier this year but the DUP called the decision in, forcing a legal review after it was revealed that the names of two IRA men, Charlie McAllister and Pat McVeigh, were visible on the gates to the grounds.

Councillors Cara McShane, Russell Watton and Trevor Clarke went on the Nolan Show this morning to discuss the issues surrounding the project, with Cara McShane fully supporting it while Clarke and Watton were completely against it.

Click below to hear the three councillors battle it out!

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  • What can you say really about these three?

    Russell Watton – Ex Terrorist
    Trevor Clarke – Failure Of A Best Western Hotel
    Cara McShane – Sister Of Paudie McShane

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