‘We need to do more to protect small businesses.’ – Claire Sugden MLA

‘We need to do more to protect small businesses.’

I am urging the Department of Finance to do all possible to protect and support small businesses following the release of their recent Briefing Paper. Small businesses play a fundamental role in our economy, providing jobs and resources that we would not be able to manage without. In this area we are surrounded by many small businesses which are vital in boosting our local economy and providing for the many tourists we have every year. From family run restaurants to gift shops to chocolatiers, our area would not be what it is without small businesses. More than that though, they represent all that is great about our society. When you support a small business, you support a family or a number of families. At the heart of every small business are people with passion and vision for what they do. This should be encouraged, not made more difficult.

In any future budget, it is essential that Small Business Rate Relief is protected and investment is made into education and training to provide people with the skills to run their own business. By investing in small businesses, we are investing in innovation and self-reliance. I will do all I can to continue to support small businesses in this area and ensure that this sector is protected.’

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