New build needed to match achievements at College

A local MLA has said that a Coleraine school deserves a building to match the achievements of its staff and pupils.
DUP MLA Maurice Bradley was speaking after reading an inspection report on Coleraine College.

Mr Bradley has had many meetings with the Principal and staff of the Carthall Road school in relation to ongoing issues with building maintenance.

“I have to say I was not surprised by the positive nature of the Education Training Inspectorate report,” said the MLA, who is a former pupil.
“Having attended the school’s annual prize day a few months back, the achievements’ of the staff and the pupils at this Coleraine school is very clear.

“Intake continues to increase and attainment levels continue to rise.
“The reputation of this school has improved drastically over the years, and I know that the staff, led by a very enthusiastic principal, are proud of their school and what it continues to achieve.
“I have been pressing the Education Authority and I will continue to do so in my role as an MLA in a bid to get some movement on a new build.

“A new build has been promised since well before the amalgamation of Coleraine Girls Secondary School and Coleraine Boys Secondary School to become Coleraine College.
“Despite the diligent work going on inside the school by staff and pupils, I feel that they are being let down by the facilities around them.

“The aims and visions of this school are not being delivered to their full potential – a new school on the same site would certainly enhance the whole school environment. “
The MLA added: “With pupils from the Coleraine area being bussed out to other schools in Bushmills and Ballymoney at a cost to the Education Authority, it is very clear that Coleraine College could be a viable alternative to pupils, however, because of the dilapidated building it is housed in, it is difficult for this school to sell itself to prospective pupils and parents.

“Nowadays school is not just about learning it’s about the whole school experience, and I feel that this school would have so much more to offer if their facilities matched the passion of the staff and pupils. “

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