Peacock requests action to tackle congestion at Bamford Park Rasharkin

Sinn Fein Local Government Candidate Leanne Peacock has requested action from Roads Service to tackle congestion and parking issues at Bamford Park in Rasharkin.

Miss Peacock said, ” I have been aware of the issue of congestion and parking at Bamford Park in Rasharkin village at school times for some time now and have been working with statutory agencies to find a resolution the this issue. This is a highly congested area with a school, nursery unit and after schools club in the estate as well as the pedestrian entrance to The Community Centre along with many homes and access to Carnfinton Park and Bamford Court. I am aware that Rasharkin Primary School in conjunction with the Education Authority have also been working to find a resolution to this issue however no satisfactory resolution has yet been found.”

“As a result, I have submitted a written request to Roads Service to ask that white lines be drawn on the road across the driveways of residents to indicate that no parking should block the driveways at any time and asked that signage be erected to reinforce this message.”

“This may go some way to improving the access of residents to their homes at these very busy times and I await a response from Traffic Management on this issue.”

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