Pirates Off Portrush Is Back For 2018

The Organisers of “Pirates Off Portrush”, Portrush Heritage Group, will stage their sixth adventure of the notorious Pirate Off Portrush, Tavish Dhu, on Saturday 30th June and Sunday 1st July when the town is invaded by the Emperor of The Orient. The Emperor and his Dragon Queen, with her ferocious Dragons and Ninja Warriors, are searching for the Skerry Island of the Seven Cities which they believe contains great riches. The Emperor has not reckoned on coming against Tavish, the fearless Pirate Off Portrush. The outcome, will be revealed at the festival, but be warned the town is full of Pirates and Ninja Warriors.

Events kick-off at 11am on Saturday with a Pirates Treasure Hunt, from the Portrush Atlantic Hotel, followed at 1pm with the Pirate Dance and Pirate Dress Competitions in the Amphitheatre at the Railway Station hosted by Brian Moore. A fully scripted dramatic re-enactment begins in the Amphitheatre at 2pm, where the Emperor begins his search for the Skerry Island of the seven cities. The Emperor, his warriors and dragons, parade the streets of Portrush in their search for the Skerry Island. The parade includes a Samba Band, Ninja Wariors, Dragons, Dancers, Big Head Characters, and Community Support Groups (Coastguard, RNLI, Fireservice). Ahead of the Parade Tavish, in his good ship Kracken, has reached Antrim Gardens where he and his crew set-up camp for the night. The Emperor also lands in Antrim Gardens, in front of the Skerry Islands of the Seven Cities, where he comes face-to-face with Tavish Dhu and his fearless Pirates. A battle ensues with the defeated paraded back through the town to walk-the- plank in the Amphitheatre.

On Sunday 1st July the Heritage Fair in Antrim Gardens has a distinct children’s theme with Fairytale World, Children’s Medieval Battlefield, Children’s Storytelling, a Circus Training Camp and to quench those thirsts lots of Morelli’s Ice Cream. For non-children the very popular Naturally North Coast and Glens Artisan Market will be there together with Heritage Exhibitions and the Northern Ireland Concert Band will perform and in the Marquee.

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