Police Investigating Burglary At Coleraine Coastguard Station

Coleraine Coastguard

Police are currently investigating a burglary at the premises of Coleraine Coastguard on the Gateside Road.

A spokesperson for Coleraine Coastguard said ‘With great sadness, we woke this morning to find our station had been broken into and ransacked. As well as the upset this had caused our volunteers, the result of this madness is that our team has had to declare offline until the PSNI have completed investigations and we can be 100% sure our equipment is complete and safe to use.

This is a loss of a valuable life-saving resource for all our community.

We will do our utmost to be back online as soon as possible.’

Commenting on the burgulary Claire Sugden MLA said

‘I hope whoever is responsible for this crime is ashamed of themselves. Not only have you disgusted a community and town, you have put lives at risk by removing a vital service due to your pathetic behaviour.

Coleraine CoastguardĀ provides a life-saving service on the North Coast. Their work is tireless, selfless and absolutely necessary. Most of those working for the Coastguard are volunteers, giving their time and energy for others. Those responsible for this attack would do well to learn from the example of these volunteers because they are clearly selfish thugs with no regard for others.

I give my full support to Coleraine Coastguard and hope to see them online again ASAP. If anyone has information please contact PSNI on non-emergency number 101.’

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