Police Say That ‘Anti-Social Behaviour Seems To Be Raring Its Head Once Again In Coleraine’


In a social media post this afternoon a police spokesperson said that ASB also known as Anti-Social Behaviour is raring its head once again in Coleraine. The social media post follows after a string of ASB events in the Coleraine area over recent weeks.

“Whilst Police attended an emergency 999 call for assistance in the Heights area of Coleraine we were provided extra attention by the residents living there on our exit back to station. This was in the form of them setting fire to rubbish at the back of an electrical substation.

This resulted in a fire engine having to blue light to extinguish a fire which was set on purpose. This was a waste of resources when this fire engine could’ve been required for a life or death situation!

We are here to help protect the Public and keep them safe, however, this is very hard when people in their own communities are willing to risk their neighbour’s lives and property for fun!”

MLA Maurice Bradley said in response: “Anti social behaviour has been rife in Coleraine for quite some time, recent activities are not a new revelation by any means.

However, the PSNI officers on the beat need as much help as they can get to combat anti-social behaviour, that includes use of CCTV which frankly seems unavailable after hours, otherwise the vandals who hurled a manhole cover through a phone box window right below a CCTV camera pointing directly at them would have been arrested by now.

PSNI officers rely on members of the public contacting them when something is wrong.”

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  • Made a comment on psni north coast site about the lack of results with the boy racers I must have hit a sore spot they removed the comment typical they hate the truth.

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