Police thank Community Search and Rescue who assisted with early morning call

Police have thanked the Community Search and Rescue team for assisting them during an early morning call.

A spokesperson for the PSNI said ‘A huge Shout out & Thank You!” to Community Search and Rescue who assisted us with a call early this morning!

Police received multiple calls regarding a concern for two peoples safety near the edge of the River Bann. On arrival Police located the persons in question, one of which was standing on the edge of a wall looking into the Bann, and the other standing just beside.

Police opened up a dialogue with these persons for nearly an hour trying to talk them into safety whilst Community Search and Rescue got a boat into the Bann should one or both persons fall in.

Thankfully Police where able to talk and reason with both persons getting them into a place of safety and into a nice warm Police car!

We mmay wear uniforms but we’re all human! Sometimes a simple chat can be far more powerful than any other resource we have…’

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