In a social media statement Alan Simpson said   “Anyone that knows me will be aware that I never post anything negative about Portrush, but this morning I felt it appropriate to address the issue of vandalism. 

The Beach Huts which were gifted to the town simply as a visual enhancement and a hark back to bygone days of the traditional bathing boxes have ,for the second time this week been seriously vandalised.

The Huts were built and paid for by the McAlpin family simply as a photographic backdrop and to add a little colour to the traditional harbour .

Two of the Beach Huts have been given to the local bathing club for use to keep dry towels etc in during their swims . ALL the Beach Huts are EMPTY , there is nothing within to steal , absolutely nothing at all . They are not used for any commercial use , and are ONLY there for purely aesthetic purposes . Just have a look on social media to see some of the happy smiling family faces in front of the Beach Huts . 

Sadly , if the vandalism continues it may be the case that we may have to remove them . Personally I would hate to see this happen as I believe they do make people smile and also evoke memories of bygone days .
Please keep an eye out , or your ear to the ground and help prevent further damage to the town we all love .
Keep Positive n Keep Smiling”

Image Credit : Alan Simpson

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