Proposed Abandonment of an area of public road at Carrickmore Road, Ballycastle – Public Inquiry

A Public inquiry will take place in Sheskburn House on October 14th into the proposed abandonment of an area of public road at Carrickmore Road, Ballycastle.

The purpose of a Public inquiry into the proposed abandonment is to enable objectors and supporters to present their evidence before an independent Inspector. The inquiry procedure is subject to the rules of natural justice. These rules, developed by the Courts, provide that there must be fairness in the conduct of an administrative process and, in particular, each side must have a fair opportunity to be heard and to hear and question the case against them.

DfI Roads, by way of an opening statement, will set out a history of the proposed abandonment. Following this, witnesses will be called from the proposer for the abandonment to give evidence. These witnesses may then be questioned by objectors (“cross-examination”) and by the Inspector. The same process is followed by each objector. By this process, the case for and against the scheme is tested.

After the close of the inquiry, the Inspector will produce a report clearly setting out her conclusions. She does not make a decision, but recommends a course of action.

Details of Inquiry
The Inquiry will be held in Sheskburn House Recreation Centre, 7 Mary Street, Ballycastle commencing at 10.30 am on 14 October and continuing on such other days as may be determined by the Inspector appointed to conduct the proceedings.

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