UUP Cllr Richard Holmes has hit out at the proposed Boundary Changes, set to come into force next year, which eradicates the name ‘Londonderry’ from the UK Parliamentary map. The Parliamentary name of Londonderry has been in existence for over 400 years.

A story carried in the Belfast Telegraph today also pointed out that under the proposed Boundary Changes NI would also be represented by a majority of Republican MPs, taking 9 out of the proposed 17 seats (a reduction of 1).
Speaking today, he said:

“The name of Londonderry has been on the Parliamentary map since the 1600s. The eradication of the name is yet more evidence of the ‘de-Britification’ of Northern Ireland, which the DUP promised to stop back in 2001.
“The eradication of the name of Londonderry from the Parliamentary map would represent a further sop to Republicanism.

“Given the recent election results across the UK, putting the DUP in a comfortable negotiating position with the Conservative Party, the pressure is on them to place this at the top of their agenda.
“If these Boundary Changes come into effect next year, the constituency currently known as East Londonderry, will have a Republican, abstentionist MP.

“Much like the DUP/Sinn Fein agreement to reduce the number of Assembly Members, from 6 to 5 per constituency, these changes would reduce Unionism to a minority. According to Electoral Calculus, Northern Ireland would have 9 Sinn Fein MPs to 8 Unionist. It could even be worse. If you thought the March election was bad you’ve seen nothing yet!

“As far as Unionism is concerned, the DUP are in the driving seat. They need to waken up!

“I am passionate Unionist, proud to come from County Londonderry and proud to be British. We should be tolerant of others, but I will not accept the suppression of my culture and identity.”

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