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Protestants Against Injustice call for support of Protest Parade in Ballymoney this Saturday

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The Protestants Against Injustice Committee is made up of members of the Loyal Orders and Band fraternity who share in the frustration caused by decisions taken by the Parades Commission. They are calling for the support of the loyal orders, marching bands and members of the public for their protest parade this Saturday 24th September at 6:30pm in Ballymoney

A spokesperson for the group said : “The PAI Committee are a coalition of local band members, Orange order, Independent Orange Order, Royal Black Preceptory, Apprentice Boys and Independent Woman’s Orange Order.

“The committee have no political agenda, only a desire to Unite Unionism in a bid to see the parades commission be disbanded.

“Our aim is to call upon the Northern Ireland Secretary of State to dissolve the Parades Commission, we ask that the Secretary of State provides leadership where the Northern Ireland Government can’t, namely our Joint First Ministers, Justice Minister and Executive, on dealing with the parades commission.

“The Northern Ireland executive refuses to recognise and deal with the consequences caused by parades commission decisions , instead opting for a “head in the sand” approach while ignoring the injustices served out to the PUL community on a regular basis.

“Our goal through peaceful protest and petition is to send out a very clear message to our Government, we will not be ignored.

“The parades commission are an unelected body who have been given seemingly unlimited powers to do as they please without reference, or accountability to anyone.

“The PUL community, Bands, Orange lodges, Apprentice boys clubs and Royal Black Preceptorys have suffered at the hands of the commission. This has had a demoralising effect on the wider Unionist population and has led to an acceptance on the part of many, that those members of the Bands and the Loyal Orange Orders are second class citizens.

“The PUL people are witnessing attacks on their civil and religious liberties, we have also seen a continuation of orange halls being vandalised and burnt (21 so far this year to date).

“The Parades Commission in its current format must be disbanded, the Commission in its current guise has nothing to offer the people Northern Ireland, nor had the rejected and unacceptable reforms which were proposed in 2010.

“There is an overwhelming desire in Northern Ireland to move forward in a positive way, to do so we must see a common sense and acceptable approach to governing parading.

“We call for a principled strategy where those who engage positively, legally and peacefully are not hamstrung by an intolerant minority.”

United we must stand.

Protestants Against Injustice

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