Police from Coleraine Neighbourhood Policing Team on patrol in Coleraine town centre tonight discovered two bins set alight at the rear of Church Arcade. These bins were beside a building.

A spokesperson for the PSNI said “The fire was quickly extinguished by ourselves with the assistance of Northern Ireland Fire and Rescue Service. Just before the fire was discovered two youths were seen running from the area in the direction of Anderson Park.


Not only was it dangerous to set fire to these bins adjacent to a building but also these are someone’s property. What gives these youths the right to destroy other people’s property. Think how you would feel if this was you and your property. This is disgusting behaviour.”

If you have any information that would lead to the apprehension of these youths, contact Police on 101 quoting with serial 1245 of 10/10/17 or if you wish to remain anonymous please contact Crimestoppers 0800 555 111.

Speaking to Causeway Coast Community shortly after the incident Councillor William McCandless said “Regrettably the ASB is still continuing in our town centre.

I am aware that the PSNI are addressing these matters seriously and there have been teenagers apprehended over the past few weeks.
Again I would stress to parents be aware where your children are and who they are with.

Anderson’s Park has featured for the past 15 months as an area where these teenagers congregate and escape to when they are involved in ASB.

The council have responded to PSNI requests to lock the park gates to assist them apprehend offenders and I would appeal to residents in the area, continue to contact PSNI if you notice anything.”

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