PUPs Russell Watton hits back at inaccuracy over praising ‘sitting mayor’ in local press

PUPs Russell Watton has hit back over an inaccuracy over praising the ‘sitting mayor’.

Mr Watton was listed as one of the councillors who ‘praised’ outgoing Sinn Féin Mayor Brenda Chivers in the latest edition of the Chronicle, but he has taken to social media to correct this.

“I have just read a story in the Coleraine Chronicle in which I have been quoted as praising the sitting Sinn Fein Mayor.

This story is totally untrue. My only contribution to that debate was to praise local jockey Zoe Mcmillan on winning two trophies.

This can be checked by listening to the audio recording of the meeting.

I will be seeking a retraction from the Chronicle on a totally untrue statement.

As I have stated publically this Mayor got conveniently offside during a Royal visit and during Armed Forces Day and as such will be getting no praise from me.”

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