RAJAR figures reveal strong growth for Q Radio

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The latest set of radio listening figures show that Q Radio’s following continues to grow. Latest statistics from industry body Rajar show that Q Radio’s listenership has jumped 40,000 year on year. Listenership is now 271,000 per week compared to 231,000 last year.

Downtown Radio which has a similar transmission area fell from 258,000 to 194,000 per week year on year meanwhile Downtown Country increased from 120,000 to 123,000 per week.

The listening figures for other stations are :

U105 is reporting on its original FM area, with a listenership of 201,000 plus a further 29,000 within its DAB footprint.

CoolFM posted a loss – Down from 482,000 to 478,000.

BBC Radio Ulster/Foyle saw a weekly audience drop from 580,000 to 490,000.

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