Mr Robin Swann, the North Antrim Ulster Unionist Assemblyman and Chair of the Stormont Public Accounts Committee, has called on the Executive to “work more closely together to boost town centre shopping by developing a workable blueprint to maximise the number of businesses transferring from enterprise parks into the town centres”.

 Assemblyman Swann is North Antrim UUP Association Chairman and Party Chief Whip, and also called on the Executive to implement this urgently-needed joint blueprint “to help kick start the economy not just in the constituency, but also across the whole North East of Ulster”.

Robin Swann MLA

 In doing so, the North Antrim Ulster Unionist MLA said he had called on every Stormont Executive Minister “to play their specific part to maximise the number of businesses transferring from Enterprise and Business Parks into town centres”.

“Our enterprise centres have fulfilled a very important role in encouraging new business start-ups and hopefully will continue to be a vital link in growing our economy.

“It is, however, time to consider how best to use the success of these centres to improve our struggling town centres. By taking such action, we can also free up space to assist those who wish to venture into business in a supportive environment.

“By working together to incentivise relocation and address barriers, such as over restrictive planning regulations, we can start the process of regenerating town centres by extending the range of businesses which may be located there.

“If we are to grow our economy then we must ensure that those who wish to start their own business can do so through a supportive environment with a key objective of moving on when established to allow further entrepreneurs the same opportunities.

“The Executive must make this much-needed strategy a priority and not put it on the long finger because of the looming summer recess,” said Assemblyman Swann.

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