Tesco recalls Chicken Salad products due to possible presence of Campylobacter


Tesco has issued an emergency warning not to eat two of its packaged chicken products after bacteria was found in them.

Both pre-packed items were found to have campylobacter – a bug which causes food poisoning leading to vomiting, diarrhoea and stomach pain.

tesco coleraine

Tesco will refund shoppers and says it “apologises to our customers”.

Product: Tesco Chicken Salad
Pack size: 160g
‘Use by’ date: 12/07/2017 and 13/07/2017

Product: Tesco Chicken, Broccoli, Almond & Cashew Nut Salad
Pack size: 315g
‘Use by’ date: 12/07/2017 and 13/07/2017

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