Tourism Ireland fills American hearts with the island of Ireland!

The Giant’s Causeway, Hastings Hotels, Mid & East Antrim Borough Council and Visit Armagh joined Tourism Ireland on a sales blitz in the US recently – meeting, and doing business with, hundreds of travel professionals in Chicago, Dallas and Boston.

The schedule included a B2B event in each city, with an interactive presentation showcasing Northern Ireland and the island of Ireland – giving the participating companies a platform to promote and sell their products and services to the key American decision-makers in attendance. It included opportunities for networking with travel and lifestyle journalists and influencers. And, Tourism Ireland also introduced its new campaign, Fill Your Heart With Ireland, to the travel professionals in each city.

Tourism Ireland has prioritised North America, as a market which offers a strong return on investment, in terms of holiday visitors and expenditure. In 2019, Tourism Ireland aims to surpass the record-breaking performance of 2018 and to grow revenue from North American visitors by +8%.

A key message for Tourism Ireland was ease of access to the island of Ireland from the US – and, in particular, the new Aer Lingus flight from Dallas to Dublin which will launch in June.

Alison Metcalfe, Tourism Ireland’s Head of North America, said: “Our ‘Fill your heart with Ireland’ sales blitz to Chicago, Dallas and Boston provided an excellent platform to spread the word about the many great things to see and do right around the island of Ireland in 2019. It was a really good platform for our tourism partners from across the island of Ireland to inform and influence the travel professionals they met about what we have to offer and, importantly, to encourage them to include the destination in their future brochures and programmes.”

This was the second stage of the 2019 series of ‘Fill Your Heart With Ireland’ sales blitzes. The programme kicked off at the end of February, taking in Boca Raton (Florida), Washington DC and Atlanta (Georgia). Similar events will take place on the west coast of the US in late 2019.

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