Urgent Action Needed on Dunluce Castle Parking – McCaw

Chris McCaw

Alliance Councillor Chris McCaw has called for urgent action on the parking situation at Dunluce Castle. Following numerous reports from locals about coaches parking irresponsibly around the Gallow’s Hill junction just past the entrance to Dunluce Castle, Councillor McCaw said,

“This issue has been raised numerous times before, and I am disappointed that nothing has been done here. Coming into the busy summer period, we need to enforce some kind of order in this area before there is a serious accident. I have contacted the PSNI and DFI Roads Service this morning to press them to take urgent action. Coaches parking close to the bend at Gallows Hill, together with pedestrians roaming around a very busy road, is an accident waiting to happen.

However, we don’t want to stop tourists coming here and appreciating our beautiful coastline. I believe there should be a lay-by or other parking provision in this area, so that coaches can park and people can take their photos safely. This is something I am going to push as a top priority with the DFI.”

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