Vandals trash local Beauty Spot .. Again!

Damage has been caused to a popular beauty spot, located just 15 miles from Ballymoney, for the second time.

The popular beauty spot is located at Bryvore Bridge, at the head of Glendun, where it meets the Glenann to Magherahoney road.

The damage caused, mostly by arson, includes burned trees, scorching of signage & grass areas, fly tipping and damage to fencing.

The vandals damage was captured by local nature lover and photographer Dick Glasgow on a recent visit to the site.

UUP councillor Joan Baird said she was “disgusted” to see the scene of destruction and pollution.

“It’s such a beautiful spot and I would hate if any tourists saw this. There has been fly-tipping there before but I’ve never seen anything like this,” she said.

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