Windyhall Bonfire Replaced By Beacon

Maurice Bradley MLA, and PUP Councillor Russell Watton have praised Community Leaders in Windyhall for their foresight in replacing the 11th night bonfire with a beacon.

In a joint statement they said positive talks have been on-going throughout the year and the dangers of carcinogenic fumes from burning tyres, they agreed to explore other options.

A beacon was decided as a trial and so far, it has received warm support throughout the area.

In a joint statement, Russell and Maurice said ‘Bonfires have become a bone of contention in local communities, getting ever bigger and still containing tyres.

A smaller more controlled bonfire in the form of a beacon gives the community a better chance for everyone to attend and celebrate the 12th July.

Perhaps other areas in Coleraine will follow the lead set by Windyhall bonfire committee and investigate options other than a massive bonfire. The last thing we want to do is poison or cause illness within our own community.’

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