Lockdown leads to surge in startups across Causeway Coast & Glens Borough

Lockdown leads to surge in startups across Causeway Coast & Glens Borough

You know that feeling you get when someone gives you a thoughtful gift and it's personalised just for you?

It doesn't matter if the gift is big or small, whether they spent hours crafting their own design or bought from a store. There's an inexplicable sense of value and meaning in knowing that somebody took time to think of what would bring joy into your life.

It's been a tough year for businesses in the UK, and small business owners have had to compete more than ever with international retailers of all sizes.

On a positive note, lockdown has seen a new insurgence of creativity right across the Borough. Causeway Coast & Glens is home to some truly talented creative businesses offering everything from handmade jewellery to unique chocolate.

One startup that was born during lockdown is Meetle.   Meetle is an online shop based in Coleraine that specialises in personalized clothing and custom-made items. They offer everything from baby clothes to hen party gear!

One of their most popular products is coffee and wine tumblers. They offer a variety of different shapes, sizes, colours, materials to suit your needs!

Coffee/ wine short tumblers are £9.  Tall cold venti cups are £8+ depending on design etc.  

The Twelfth is just around the corner and they have a selection of personalised tumblers.  

Visit their facebook page by clicking here.

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