Low-cost expenditure to live stream council meetings

Low-cost expenditure to live stream council meetings

Councillors on the Corporate Policy and Resources Committee will hear tomorrow evening that the primary expenditure to live stream meetings would be in computer hardware in the form of a high specification computer, costing approximately £1700.

A report to be presented by the head of ICT says that miscellaneous costs are associated with software and licensing, such as the use of a Youtube channel and other software security products.  

Additionally, a separate dedicated broadband is being recommended to enhance stability.

Members of the public currently need to request remote access by emailing Council the day prior to a meeting.  

A section of the report reads "It is anticipated that the live streaming of meetings will increase the individual personal profile of those in attendance, particularly if they choose to initiate the camera feature on their computer equipment. Indeed, all individuals in the Chamber will automatically be online.

The Chamber makes very important and difficult decisions, affecting the lives of our ratepayers and public. Therefore, Members, Council officials and external individuals may have concerns over the live recording and retention of these images. Consideration should be given to consultation with those affected by this possible change in practise."

Many councils throughout Northern Ireland already live stream their meetings on Youtube and various public video platforms.

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