Maize Maze family attraction planned for Coleraine

Maize Maze family attraction planned for Coleraine

Plans have been submitted for the creation of a maize maze in Coleraine.

The family tourist attraction would be open seasonally to the public from July to October if planning permission is granted.

The application submitted to Causeway Coast & Glens in recent days suggests that up to 350 people may visit the site daily.  

Vehicular access, parking area, and a reception building are also included in the plans for lands 20m East and South and East of 25 Ballyrashane Road, Coleraine.

Councillor William McCandless said "This will be a wonderful tourist attraction for our area from July to October.  The attraction of Maize mazes is they can assume a different theme each year.  Corn maize mazes became popular in the 1990’s in America.  Growing to heights of 8 feet tall they will be of great interest to children as they wind their way through a series of dead ends and questioning is it right or left as they work their way through.

"Two of the best known hedge mazes in Northern Ireland would be at Castlewellan and Carnfunnock, but we have had Maize mazes at Carrowmena and Castlewellan in the past few years.  The word maze originates from the old English maes meaning delirium or delusion.

"Mazes were once a main attraction of formal gardens and estates. The UK’s oldest surviving maze is at Hampton Court palace, probably the most famous maze in the world, originally planted in 1690 for William of Orange.

"Mazes transform everyday spaces into appealing challenging pathways. They have attracted the interests of people for centuries who enjoy the fun of their labyrinth like pathways.There is something enjoyable in winding your way though a maze that brings out the child in all of us.

"They also afford an educational aspect for our children, mazes improve the cognitive skills of children, they provide a brain boosting exercise for them, while solving the puzzle of the maze it makes them think, reason and remember. Their memory builds their focus and increases the concentration level of their minds.

"This is a marvellous, creative feature for Coleraine which will undoubtedly be a popular tourist attraction which we will all enjoy taking our children and grandchildren to".

The applicant is Mr. A McGlen.

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