Man 1984 - the future of menswear in Coleraine

Man 1984 - the future of menswear in Coleraine

The future of menswear in Coleraine is Man1984. The boutique, situated in the Diamond, offers a personal experience whilst bringing a unique sense of fashion and exclusivity.

Man 1984 stocks lifestyle-inspired contemporary clothing, offering something incomparable to even the most discerning of style enthusiasts.

Having opened just six months ago, proprietor Michael Moffatt hasn’t looked back with this stylish boutique attracting shoppers from across the Province.

With a wealth of experience in retail Michael always dreamt of opening his own business and despite the problems many businesses experienced as a result of the pandemic, he saw the opportunity to fulfill that dream and jumped at it.

“I have 14-years of experience in retail,” he said. “I started in the White House and moved to Moores where I became a menswear ambassador travelling all over the UK.

“When Dixons closed in Coleraine I knew there was a gap and the need for something unique and different and so I decided to go for it.

“Yes it was a risk to open when so many were struggling. You have no idea the number of times I heard ‘you are mad’, but I had my vision which was all self-funded and when this property came up I thought why not.”

Man 1984 carries a number of unique brands such as State of Art, which combines craftsmanship and iconic design in timeless menswear, Hackett London, Gant Footwear, and Walker and Hunt, an Irish brand for the fashion-conscious man.

“I also stock Lacuzzo footwear which is customised,” added Michael. “I designed all the styles I brought in myself so nobody else will have them.

“We also stock Mulish blazers and suiting which is a high fashion tailored Italian clothing brand and a lot more.

“My unique selling point is that I stock brands no one else has in the area. It’s a wee bit different and it is becoming a bit of a destination boutique now because we are getting customers from the likes of Belfast and Lisburn and all over travelling to us because the stock is that bit different.”

You frequently hear the quip ‘there’s nothing in Coleraine’, yet Michael strongly disagrees with that.

“Coleraine has always been renowned for being a destination town and if you look at the footfall at the weekends it is unique because you have people from all parts of Northern Ireland because they love getting away from the city life.

“For the size of Coleraine it’s great to see the number of small independents opening and a lot more would be great.

“If we had half a dozen more shops like this it would be unbelievable so come on people give the town a chance.

“It frustrates me so much when people say there’s nothing in Coleraine because there is so much more than you realise.

“My wife and I made a pact that we were going to do all our Christmas shopping in Coleraine. We didn’t need to go to the city, we got everything we needed in town.”

Quality and service are what Michael and Man 1984 is all about as he explained: “When people come in they want that personal shopping experience and that’s what we try to offer - our time and full attention.

“I have expanded the shop already to include an area for suits and tailoring which is doing really well.  We do a customised suit service so you can come in and get a tailor-made suit which is proving to be extremely popular.”

What does the future hold for Coleraine’s newest menswear boutique?

“We do have three floors so never say never,” laughed Michael. “The support has been phenomenal since I opened. Everyday is a blessing and it’s a dream come true for me to have my own small menswear boutique.

“I’m loving every day and I will keep doing what I’m doing and who knows what may happen. The word is out there which is great.”

Man 1984
3 The Diamond,
Tel: 028 7053 1087

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