Mayor issues press statement ahead of council release!

Mayor issues press statement ahead of council release!

The Mayor of Causeway Causeway & Glens has issued a 'statement' ahead of an official press release we can reveal.

FUSE FM of which the MAYOR is a director issued a statement ahead of an official release this afternoon.

FUSE FM issued a statement at 12.08pm with the official statement being issued at 12.33pm by email and social media.    

Causeway Coast Community finds that this is a conflict of interest and reported this to the Council for comment.

In response to the impending care home closure in Ballymoney, the Mayor said that he is disappointed at the impending closure of The Model Care Home in Ballymoney.

He said " The news about the future of the facility emerged following a statement from the Regulation and Quality Improvement Authority (RQIA).

Councillor Ivor Wallace said: “As a resident of Ballymoney I know this will come as a big blow to the town. The facility provides care to 28 residents and my thoughts are with them as they face this upheaval from the place they call home.

"Many of these people are elderly and vulnerable and I am very sorry to hear that they now face the prospect of having to move elsewhere.

"It’s also a very worrying time for the care home staff who rely on the facility for employment, especially in this current climate with the cost-of-living crisis.“Staff and residents will have formed important bonds with each other so it’s very sad to think that these valuable connections will now be lost.

"If no resolution can be found, I hope the wellbeing of residents remains the main priority for all and that any disruption to their day-to-day care is kept to a minimum as this process continues."

We have contacted the council in relation to the Mayor's conflict of interest with FUSE FM.  

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