Still going strong after seventy years of service - McCandless

Still going strong after seventy years of service - McCandless

The Queen will become the first British Monarch to reach 70 years on the throne this weekend.

This Sunday, February 6, marks 70 years since Her Majesty officially took the throne to start her service to the nation aged just 27 in 1952.

To celebrate this unprecedented anniversary, a programme of events and initiatives will take place throughout 2022, culminating in a four-day UK bank holiday weekend from June 2-5.

Speaking ahead of this weekend Councillor William McCandless said "We have been waiting expectantly for it over these past few years and on Sunday 6th Feb 2022 Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth 2nd commences to celebrate her Platinum Jubilee.

"This is unprecedented Her Majesty is the only British Monarch to have served her people for 70 years. Seventy years on the throne as Queen of the United Kingdom and the Commonwealth countries.

"Her Majesty’s leadership qualities have been exemplary and the following attributes have made her a role model and a worthy Monarch :- Vision, Leads by example, Conscientious, Committed, Curious, Respectful and Embracing change.

"Even in her darkest hours Her Majesty has always acted with Integrity and Fortitude."

"Thank you Ma’am and may God continue to Bless you."

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