McKillop welcomes progress on changing places facility for Cushendall

SDLP Glens councillor Margaret Anne McKillop has welcomed progress on a changing places facility at Cushendall Holiday and Leisure Park/Harbour carpark.

Councillor McKillop previously brought the proposal for accessible toilet facilities to council.

A tender was agreed for the project on Tuesday.

Councillor McKillop said:

“I’m delighted that we are making further progress in having accessible changing places facilities installed in Cushendall. This is an area that sees huge numbers of visitors every year and it’s important that we cater for everyone’s needs with facilities for people of all abilities.

“Far too often people with disabilities still face obstacles when it comes to accessibility and I believe that we have a duty to challenge this wherever we can. Council has a responsibility to ensure that nobody is prevented from engaging in any activity due to disability and I believe the new changing places facility will go some way to addressing this in Cushendall.

“It’s important that we include those of all abilities when making decisions around council facilities and that’s something I will keep highlighting going forward. This changing places facility may seem like a small initiative to some, but for others it will allow them to do things that they have been prevented from taking part in until this work is carried out.

“I look forward to seeing further progress on this project in the near future and hope the changing places facility will be open to the public at the earliest opportunity.”