Trufelli's to consult with Quinn family on specially-commissioned hobby horse

Trufelli's to consult with Quinn family on specially-commissioned hobby horse

Barry's Amusements in 2015 dedicated a specially-commissioned hobby horse in 2015 to commemorate their longest-serving and best-loved employee Colm Quinn, affectionately known as the 'Hobby Horse Man'.

The sale of the Barry’s property and the subsequent closure of the business has left many people questioning on social media what will happen to the specially commissioned hobby horse.

One post said: ‘Wonder what they have done with Colm’s horse and the plaque off the wall, I hope it has been given to the family.’

When approached, the communications company dealing with Barry's enquiries said: ‘The business only closed yesterday, but the family (Trufelli) will be consulting with Colm’s family’.

Colm Quinn, who died at 79, was a man with a passion for the carousel in Barry's Amusements where he worked for 60 years without missing a single day.

In 2015 Christina Trufelli who owned Barrys' said that Colm loved the carved horses and once upon a time even arranged for farmers to collect the hair from their cart horses so he could fashion new tails for his pretend animals.

Barry's Amusements opened in the 1920s in Portrush and officially closed in September 2021.

Geoffrey Moffett

Written by Geoffrey Moffett

Content Creator for Causeway Coast Community.
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