Mountain, forest and sea experiences combine in new Binevenagh tourism initiative

Mountain, forest and sea experiences combine in new Binevenagh tourism initiative

Building up to the 2022 main tourism season, Binevenagh businesses are aiming to keep up the momentum behind staycations in Northern Ireland and, also, to entice new visitors to the area from overseas.

As part of new tourism packages under development, visitors will be able to enjoy a tailored range of experiences across Binevenagh Mountain, Downhill and Burrenmore Forest and Benone Beach.

The multi-day "Binevenagh mountain, forest and sea experiences" can include:

  • Staying in the boutique ‘Burrenmore Nest’ lodges, complete with panoramic views of through the forest and private outdoor whirlpool baths;
  • Enjoying guided Binevenagh mountain walks and natural heritage trails with Pulse Fitness Adventures, including the option of sunset and sunrise arrivals to sweeping vistas of Lough Foyle and the Atlantic;
  • Saddling up for a horse-ride with Crindle Stables - after immersing yourself in life at a working Binevenagh stable and meeting your horse, you will be able to ride through the forest at Burrenmore and by the sea at Benone beach;
  • Relaxing in the HotBox Sea Sauna, sweating away your woes in an authentic Finnish wood-burning sauna at Benone Beach and taking the plunge into the cold Atlantic Ocean for maximum rejuvenation;
  • Recovering in the lap of decadence with a Tones luxury picnic, set at the beach, forest, cliffside, seaside, or within your Burrenmore Nest lodgings.

Most of the experiences can be booked individually, but more details about romantic packages for couples and relevant competitions and discounts will be made available online over the coming months.

The collaboration aims to celebrate and better promote the incredible experiences available in Binevenagh, both for staycations and to encourage visitors from overseas to consider the area as international tourism returns.

Follow the participating businesses for more details:

Burrenmore Nest - or follow on Instagram or Facebook.

Pulse Fitness Adventures - or follow on Instagram or Facebook

Crindle Stables - or follow on Instagram or Facebook

HotBox Sea Sauna - or follow Instagram

Tones luxury picnics – on Instagram

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