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Executive will deliver for commerce and the North West

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Peace Bridge
Peace Bridge

Greater collaboration, skills and innovation will ‎propel the economy to another level, deputy First Minister, Martin McGuinness has said.

Speaking at a Derry Chamber of Commerce event, Martin McGuinness told guests he fully supports the work of the Chamber of Commerce and it is only right to celebrate the achievements of the business community in Derry and the North West.

He said the Executive is committed to strengthening the links between the public and private sector, between the Executive and our business community.

‎The deputy First Minister said: As an Executive we want to grow the economy and raise prosperity for all. 

“The tireless work of the Chamber and all the members are an important part of this programme of work. This Executive has demonstrated our commitment to the North West through our £7million support of the City of Derry Airport, the prioritisation of the £480million investment in the much needed A5 and A6 road schemes and also the ambitious project on the Old Waterside Station in Derry making it a new transport hub.”

The deputy First Minister said the economy and availability of jobs would be a catalyst for change.

He said: “Our unemployment rate is now at its lowest level since 2008. We must not be complacent and although we have brought in more jobs than any time in our history, this Executive is committed to creating more and better jobs. As we move further into recovery, focus needs to shift to improving the productivity performance of the local economy by enhancing our skills, innovation and enterprise. 

“The availability of skills and the need to ensure a steady supply of labour into key growth sectors will be vital for the local economy which makes the development of the Magee Campus of Ulster University and continued engagement by the North West Regional College with business essential.

“I am determined to deliver and to move forward with the Chamber of Commerce and everyone who wants to make a positive contribution to create a strong economy and better future for all.”

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