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ICU nurse speaks out after death of husband

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An intensive care nurse who lost her health worker husband to Covid last week said she “could have cried” at the number of people not wearing masks and social distancing when she went to buy clothes for his funeral.

Noeleen Henry, a former Larne resident now living in Ballymena, spoke out on social media after losing her husband Alan Henry to the virus last Wednesday.

Mr Henry had worked for a number of years in the Rapid Response Team in Antrim before taking up a new role in the Dementia Team.

His funeral took place in Ballymena on Saturday afternoon.

In a social media post, Noeleen said: “I went to Tesco’s today to buy my funeral clothes. I could have cried, the amount of people not wearing masks, social distancing and carrying out life with no cares in the world.

“I wish I had all these people’s foresight that they will never be in my position. They have no clue who will be infected, who will live and who will die. I only wish I could have Alan for even five more minutes.

“Why can people not accept this pandemic is real, what’s a few months until the vaccine is rolled out.

“Please pray for strength for myself and my family. My oldest grandson Jack has special needs and is continually asking where granda is.

“Alan and Jack were like a double act where grandad went Jack went. I hope you all will never have to explain to a child that their grandad will not be coming home.”

Mrs Henry also said: “He was such a good man adored by me, my kids and our grandchildren. I am lost at the minute, I don’t know how I am going to go on on my own.

“I went to work, came home the housework was done, the dinner made and the little messages sorted. He was a total rock,

“Alan sorted everything, the kids had problems dad sorted it out. Why had he to be taken? It’s not fair, of all people, the man that followed the rules. The man that knew he was at risk but still supported me to work in ICU.

“Please for everyone’s sake, this Covid is real. Please be vigilant and don’t take any chances.”

Mr Henry is survived by his wife Noeleen, daughter Amber, sons Jordan and Brad and grandchildren Jack, Avah, Mikey and Theo.

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