NI Water gives top Winter tips to Radius Tenants

NI Water gives top Winter tips to Radius Tenants

NI Water’s Education Team has helped Radius Housing to encourage their tenants in County Antrim to be water aware this winter, setting out the importance of protecting water pipes in the home.

Periods of severe cold weather over the winter months can potentially damage pipes, and the aim of the tips from NI Water are to help Radius Tenants in Antrim to take some small, simple steps to protect their home and water supply. One of the main tips is the NI Water Stop Tap Tag, a bright yellow tag designed to loop around a stop valve making it easy to find in an emergency.

Speaking about the tips, Radius Housing Director of Communities, Loma Wilson said “A burst or frozen pipe can cause so many problems in the home, and we can expect some very cold weather over the coming weeks and months. That’s why it is really important that our tenants take a few small steps to help protect the water pipes in their homes. Whether it is ensuring that their boiler is serviced, or even just knowing where the stop tap is, these are essential ways of making sure you don’t have a much bigger problem.”

The tips set out by NI Water to prepare you home for a cold winter are:

  • Ensure that dripping taps are fixed – even a small trickle can result in a frozen pipe.
  • Find your property’s stop tap and make sure you can turn it off – most are under the kitchen sink.
  • Leave your heating on low if you go away for a winter break.
  • Provide access for your Radius annual boiler service.
  • Report a repair to Radius on 0330 123 0888.
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