NI Water to revisit the 'possibility' of reopening Ballinrees Reservoir car park

NI Water to revisit the 'possibility' of reopening Ballinrees Reservoir car park

NI Water will revisit the 'possibility' of 'reopening' the car park at Ballinrees Reservoir.  

The move follows a question asked by Councillor Stephanie Quigley during a NI Water deputation at this evening's full council meeting.  

Head of Metering & Billing Gary Curran said that he would speak to his director when he returns from leave tomorrow and "see if there is an opportunity to reconsider."  

Addressing Councillor Quigley Mr. Curran said, "Acknowledging it was done for health and safety reasons, we will revisit that and see if it is possible, I do not know if it is, but I will ask that question."

NI Water took the decision in 2019 to close the public car park having been made aware that the sightlines, coming out onto the Windyhill Road were inadequate and constituted a Health and Safety hazard.

At the time NI water said "NI Water regrets the decision and would like to thank the public for their co-operation. Safety is paramount and this closure is unavoidable."

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