North Antrim UFU helps launch new Fibrus Hyperfast Full Fibre Network in Ballymoney

North Antrim UFU helps launch new Fibrus Hyperfast Full Fibre Network in Ballymoney

Over 3,000 homes and businesses in Ballymoney, including many properties in rural parts of the area, are now connected to next generation access (NGA) gigabit capable broadband services.  The new broadband infrastructure has been rolled out by Fibrus Networks Ltd, Northern Ireland’s fastest growing telecoms provider which specialises in full fibre broadband solutions for rural and regional communities.  

Fibrus began work in Ballymoney at the beginning of this year, setting out to transform broadband infrastructure here, having already completed extensive works across the region and reaching 120,000 properties. The 3,054 connected premises in Ballymoney can now access hyperfast full fibre broadband, with thousands more properties preparing to be added to the new network in the coming months.

Ian Gregg, Group Manager at North Antrim Ulster Farmers’ Union welcomed the arrival of the new Fibrus network. He explained what it would mean for their members:

“The arrival of Fibrus’ new broadband service is great news for our local area. Not only will it improve connectivity for homes and businesses in the town, but it will also help boost our mission to support a vibrant and sustainable farming economy. Having access to quality broadband networks is paramount to every member of our community, including families, businesses and services, support groups, and farms and agri-businesses in the countryside.

“Farming practices in a modern world are becoming increasingly digitalised. Administration, communication, livestock monitoring, and many other processes require uninterrupted online access, so connectivity is quickly becoming a crucial utility. Stronger broadband services should enable local farms to become more efficient and productive, resulting in a more sustainable future for their business. We hope many of our members avail of this beneficial opportunity with Fibrus.”

Joining Ian in Ballymoney to officially launch the new network, Joe Diver from Fibrus added:

“Fibrus was established to enhance the lives of those living in towns like Ballymoney. For too long, rural and regional areas right across Northern Ireland have gone without decent connectivity services, despite being a hub for local businesses and farming communities.

“The need for a meaningful online connection has been accelerated by the pandemic and continues to be a vital component of everyday life. Many are continuing to work from home, albeit in a hybrid model, accessing schoolwork online has become the new norm and it goes without saying that we all enjoy streaming our favourite series on the likes of Netflix.

“The arrival of full fibre broadband in Ballymoney will revolutionise the way families and businesses go about their day-to-day lives. We’re really excited to see more and more rural communities getting connected to our new transformative network.”

With work continuing in Ballymoney and neighbouring areas, Fibrus plans to connect a further 2,000 properties over the next eight weeks. Joe concluded: “Fibrus will continue to address the digital imbalance in rural connectivity across Northern Ireland and we look forward to seeing more communities enjoying the benefits of our full fibre network.”

To find out if you are connectable to Fibrus Hyperfast Fibre Broadband call 02890 993230 or visit

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